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Business Law and


  • Breach of Contract

  • Corporations

  • Partnerships

  • Limited Liability Companies

  • Employment Agreements

  • Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Dissolution

  • Corporate/Partnership Disputes

  • Unfair Competition

  • Temporary Restraining Order/Injunction

  • Fraudulent Conveyance

  • Enforcement of Judgment

  • Fraud/Misrepresentation

  • Commercial Collections

  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Embezzlement

The firm has the experience and expertise to handle business and corporate law matters faced by established, ongoing businesses as well as startups. The firm’s business litigation team provides the practical legal skills and knowledge to assert our clients’ interests or defend them against claims while remaining steadfast in our goal to achieve our clients’ desired resolution. We counsel startup businesses from the choice of business entity decision to formation, documentation, organizational and financing decisions. This firm’s team of experienced business litigators appreciates the complex dynamics of closely held companies and business partnerships and is skilled at navigating and guiding our clients through the disputes that often arise. We recognize that litigation can be financially and emotionally taxing. Our lawyers will work with you to make sure your goals and expectations are being met throughout the legal process of business dispute resolution. Whether through informal settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or by going to trial, we can help you protect assets and interests in myriad circumstances.  Our firm has also resolved corporate and partnership disputes through mediation and arbitration, obtaining highly favorable results for our clients. We guide our business clients through ongoing operational and financing issues involving Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and General Partnerships.

Breach Of Contract

Our Thakur Law Firm business lawyers in Fullerton, CA have the ability to handle any situation that requires breach of contract legal action to be taken. Essentially a “breach of contract” occurs when there is failure on behalf of one or more parties to perform any promise indicated in said contract. A business attorney is capable of identifying if there is in fact a breach of contract and can better direct you or business on how best to act and go about solving this legal issue. There are two types of contract breaches:

  • Material: Due to one party’s failure to perform or follow through on a promise, another party receives a vastly different result than expected

  • Minor: In the event of a contract breach by one party, another party still receives the expect item or service specific in the contract

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A proper business law Fullerton organization such as Thakur Law Firm will be able to utilize all its business attorney experience to help clients navigate corporation law. Corporate law is an area of legal expertise that deals with all possible issues and documents relating to corporations, which are legal entities created under California state law in order to conduct business. These entities can be created with the advice and recommendations of a business attorney and can be sued.

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In the same vein of a corporation, Thakur Law Firm’s business lawyers in Fullerton, CA can help clients with any issues regarding their business partnership. In the eyes of California law, a partnership is a for-profit business consisting of two or more people who both contribute to the operations and profits. If you have any questions about forming a partnership or about any necessary legal papers, contact our business attorneys.

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Limited Liability Companies

If you’re ready to start your brand new California business, Thakur Law Firm’s business attorney staff can help answer your questions regarding Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). An LLC is another type of business structure, such as partnership or corporation, that has similar features; establishing an LLC with the help of our business law Fullerton organization protects a business owner from certain liabilities and debts while maintaining a flexible management arrangement.

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