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Many people believe that estate planning is only for individuals who are particularly wealthy, have elaborate schemes in mind for passing their money to their heirs, or for people who are acutely ill and contemplating their death. This could not be farther from the truth! Many of our business and real estate clients engage us to handle their estate planning needs. Estate planning is critical to avoid unintended consequences regarding the successive ownership of real estate and business holdings upon the death of an owner, and maintain family harmony upon the death of a family member.  Estate planning can seem like a daunting ordeal to most clients, but we at Thakur Law Firm can assure a smooth and seamless process.  All California homeowners must have a revocable living trust to avoid probate on their home if a death should occur.  We want to ensure you that estate planning is not “death planning”; it’s “life planning”, and an essential and rewarding process for individuals and families who engage in it. We also handle trust administration and probate matters, and represent clients in the unfortunate event of a dispute regarding post-death administration of estate assets.  We specialize in estate planning litigation and our team of experienced attorneys is trained to handle your needs with ease and sophistication.