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Cases Promoting Social Change

Thakur Law Firm, APC is dedicated to representing clients in cases that challenge the status quo to bring about social change and representation to the voiceless. We strive for a form of advocacy that brings about societal change for individuals, groups, or interests that historically have been unrepresented in our legal system.


Representing plaintiffs who have suffered at the hands of others goes beyond individual redress, but to alter the customs and practices of the institutions and individuals that have traditionally controlled and benefited financially and otherwise, at the expense of the wellbeing of others. We hope to shape public awareness of these issues and bring justice to those whose lives have been unnecessarily damaged by such conventions.


We welcome the attention our cases have attracted in the media, not for any strategic advantage in our litigation matters, but to spread the important message of our clients’ personal stories. The following are just a few of the journalistic pieces that have brought national attention to their stories to promote the societal change for which we strive:


LA Times - Three former UCLA football players sue school and coach Jim Mora over alleged mishandling of injuries

ESPN - Ex-players sue UCLA for alleged negligence

US News - 3 Ex-UCLA Football Players Sue School Over Injuries

Yahoo News - 3 ex-UCLA football players sue school over injuries


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