California Governor Announces Statewide Re-Closure of Indoor Dining, Gyms, Salons, Malls, and Other

California is largely closing again in an attempt to stifle an alarmingly fast-growing number in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations across the state. On July 13, 2020, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced statewide restrictions to again halt all indoor dining and close bars, family entertainment, zoos, and museums. At the same time, 30 counties will be forced to close gyms, churches, hair salons, malls, and other businesses. Orange and Los Angeles Counties are among the counties that will be subject to the new restrictions against indoor gatherings and services. The experienced attorneys at the Thakur Law Firm, APC are closely monitoring the government’s developing response to the COVID-19 pandem

Stage 3 Reopening Guidance for California Employers

On May 8, 2020, California Governor Newsom unveiled the four-stage "Resilience Roadmap" for the gradual reopening of businesses and public spaces. As counties enter Stage 3 of the Resilience Roadmap, which phases in high-risk workplaces, as defined below, the COVID-19 pandemic raises new challenges for employers and their employees. The following are some common challenges that businesses may face under Stage 3 Guidance from California. As your specific outcome may vary depending on your situation, we encourage you to contact one of the experience attorneys at the Thakur Law Firm, APC for specific solutions to COVID-19 and reopening-related issues. Establishing a Worksite Specific Plan Calif

Employers Must Comply With New California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) COVID-19 Requirements as of Ju

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) had only been in effect for a short time before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, raising a host of new privacy challenges for employers. As California businesses begin to reopen and the CCPA enforcement date of July 1, 2020, has passed, employers should take immediate action to evaluate existing privacy practices and implement the requirements of the CCPA. This includes providing notices to consumers about what information will be collected during health screenings and/or temperature checks, and putting in place reasonable security measures to safeguard personal information. How Does COVID-19 Impact Employers’ CCPA Obligations? Due to the requirements

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