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Thakur Law Firm Advocates for College Athlete Safety in Light of Recent Hazing Scandals

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A recent LA Times article, published on July 24, 2023, features Thakur Law Firm’s representation of UCLA players in a lawsuit related to hazing allegations. Our firm's attorney, Pamela Tahim Thakur, sheds light on the importance of addressing hazing and protecting college athletes. Learn more about the work that Thakur Law Firm is doing to advocate for athlete safety.

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UCLA Players Respond to Hazing Allegations

The article begins by discussing how UCLA players have responded to hazing allegations at Northwestern University, stating that such behavior is not tolerated within the team due to a strong no-nonsense culture established by coach Chip Kelly. The College Athlete Protection Act, A.B. 252, passed by the California Assembly in June, aims to prevent abuses like those seen at Northwestern and UCLA and establish standards to address abuse, injuries, and mental health care for college athletes.

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Lawsuits Filed Against UCLA

The College Athlete Protection Act could prevent the kinds of alleged abuses that are at the center of lawsuits filed against UCLA by former offensive linemen, which claimed mishandling of injuries and mistreatment by coaches and trainers. The lawsuit was settled in June 2023 for an undisclosed amount. Attorney Pamela Tahim Thakur, from Thakur Law Firm, represented the UCLA players, emphasizing the need for better protection for college athletes and demonstrating that there are many similar stories to be told.

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The College Athlete Protection Act

The NCAA cannot police hazing, which places the responsibility to prevent hazing abuse on coaches and players. The College Athlete Protection Act would change that, and provide more protection for student athletes.

While the act has passed the California Assembly, it still faces a vote in the state’s senate education committee. If passed, it would allow athletes to file complaints regarding safety violations and lead to independent investigations and penalties for violators. In severe cases of abuse or player death, offenders such as team doctors, trainers, or coaches could face permanent bans from college athletics.

Lawsuits against Northwestern are growing, and there are other tragedies in college athletics across the nation, such as at San José State, where more than two dozen female athletes are accusing the former sports medicine director of sexual abuse. Or the 2014 tragedy of football player Ted Agu at the University of California, who collapsed and later died from sickle-cell trait complications after a strenuous team workout.

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The Thakur Law Firm

The Thakur Law Firm is actively working to support college athlete safety by representing UCLA players and advocating for legislative measures like the College Athlete Protection Act. Through our efforts, we aim to raise awareness about hazing and ensure a safer environment for college athletes. For more information, read the full LA Times Article. If you’re interested in working with Thakur Law Firm, contact us today.


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